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Beauty Boxes make some of the best know vanity cases. There are several models in the Beauty Boxes range, and below we have listed them in size order:

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Zarrin Beauty Boxes

The Zarrin Beauty Boxes are something different. A perfect little set of 3 cases in various sizes, that can neatly fit inside the other. They come in some funky colours and designs, including pink, and even polka dots! Each little case has soft, velvety lining, and a mirror as well as a good size compartment for make-up etc. The Zarrin box sizes are: small case: 12cm x 18cm x 12cm; the medium case is 16cm x 21cm x 17cm and the larger case 20cm x 26cm x 20cm.

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About Beauty Boxes

Beauty Boxes are one of the biggest names in vanity cases, beauty cases, make-up cases and beauty boxes today. We have found the best deals and prices for the Beauty Boxes cases, and included them in different sections below, so you can see the full range available. The Beauty Boxes range includes models such as the Valene, St Tropez, Monaco, Rimini, St Remo, Genoa Riva and the Zarrin Beauty Boxes above.

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