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Roncato Luggage

Vanity Cases and more from Roncato of Italy

Roncato of Italy are famous the world over for their luggage in cutting edge designs and innovative materials. When we saw that Roncato were now offering their wonderful vanity cases in the UK, we just had to include them in our vanity case choice. See our choice of Roncato luggage below. We have tried to pick out the best products, including not only vanity cases, but other types of suitcases, bags and luggage, as well as finding the best deals and prices available in UK.

Roncato Luggage and Vanity Cases

The Roncato luggage range offers a combination of sleek, modern design with tough, rugged durability. These cases are made from innovative and cutting edge materials, which makes them able to withstand all the knocks and bruises of modern day travel - whether you are taking it on a plane, train or car. Roncato is an Italian family firm with a strong belief in research and design, which means you can be sure that when you buy a Roncato case you are buying something that is both reliable, having been thoroughly tested, but also well designed and crafted.

Roncato Flexi Beauty Case

The Flexi range from Roncato is all about confidence, design and durability. These are very tough cases indeed, and all the luggage in this range comes with at least one combination lock. The Roncato Flexi range includes the lovely beauty cases, in red, blue or black. They are made from the high-tech material polypropylene, which is used in many lightweight, hard-sided suitcases these day, but also happens to be colour and water resistant, and recyclable. The Flexi vanity case comes with plenty of internal pockets, straps and trays for you to keep all your beauty items safe and in order. Inside there is also a removable mirror and jewellery holder, and outside there is no only a triply combination lock, but also a detachable shoulder strap. The case measures 21cm by 36cm x 22cm, so is perfect for carrying on a trip or using as hand luggage perhaps (always check with your airline regarding hand luggage requirements).

About Roncato Luggage

Roncato luggage has been around for a long time. It is now one of the world's most popular luggage companies, and sells its products in over 50 countries. The company was originally started by current company President Giovanni Roncato in the 1970s. Throughout this decade and the 1980s, Roncato gained a reputation for their attaché cases, but also for introducing innovative products into their luggage range, often made from high tech materials, such as nylon and polyester bags and suitcases. Later, Roncato were one of the first companies to introduce a lightweight yet hard-sided suitcase made from the high-tech polypropylene material now popular throughout the luggage world.

Roncato is a family run Italian business, with a great reputation for quality, and a huge emphasis on design and research. For example, they introduced the Sphera suitcase, which it is claimed is so light and has such swift wheels, it is the only suitcase that can be pushed with one finger. Their current range includes the Flexi cases, which come with either 2 or 4 wheels and quality locks, the Roncato Light, which is one of the lightest luggage ranges available, and the Roncato Uno, which they claim is indestructible! Roncato aim to make attractive and stylish luggage that is durable and that a traveller can have confidence in.

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