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Beauty Boxes make some of the best know vanity cases. There are several models in the Beauty Boxes range, and below we have listed them in size order:

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Beauty Boxes

Probably the UK's most sought after Vanity Cases

Beauty Boxes are one of the biggest names in vanity cases, beauty cases, make-up cases and beauty boxes today. We have found the best deals and prices for the Beauty Boxes cases, and included them in different sections below, so you can see the full range available. In (roughly) size order, the Beauty Boxes range includes: Valene, St Tropez, Zarrin, Rimini, St Remo, Genoa, Riva and Monaco.

Best deals for the Valene Beauty Boxes

These are the smallest vanity cases in the Beauty Boxes range. They are made from ribbed aluminium and come in a range of colours, including black, silver, pink, lilac and red. The Valene box is 25cm x 18.5cm x 23cm. It has a deep drawer and a lockable catch.

Best deals for the St Tropez Beauty Boxes

This is one of the best sellers and most popular beauty cases around. It's a great size for suiting all needs - 30.50cm wide x 23.00 cm deep and 27.00cm high. It comes in a range of colours including black, lilac, silver and pink.

Best deals for the Zarrin Beauty Boxes

The Zarrin Beauty Boxes are something different. A perfect little set of 3 cases in various sizes, that can neatly fit inside the other. They come in some funky colours and designs, including pink, and polka dots! Each little case has soft, velvety lining, and a mirror as well as a good size compartment for make-up etc. The Zarrin box sizes are: small case: 12cm x 18cm x 12cm; the medium case is 16cm x 21cm x 17cm and the larger case 20cm x 26cm x 20cm.

Best deals for the Rimini Beauty Boxes

The Rimini cases have a slightly different shape to the other Beauty Boxes cases - more rectangular, with the dimensions 41cm x 19cm x 20cm

Best deals for the St Remo Beauty Boxes

The San Remo is the first of the larger beauty cases from the Beauty Boxes range. But it's not too large that it can't easily be carried. Empty it weighs around 3.5kg. The dimensions are: 36.50cm x 24cm x 27cm, amking it simlar in size to the St Tropez, just about 6cm wider. The San Remo comes in black, pink, silver and lilac.

Best deals for the Genoa Beauty Boxes

The Genoa range of beauty trolleys have been designed with the professionla hairdresser, make-up artist or beautician in mind. But they are so versatile that anyone would benefit from owning such a great case. The Genoa is quite large, but comes on wheels with an easy to use handle. The dimensions are: 38.50cm x 30cm x 62cm. If you like the idea of a larger case, but don't want something quite so big all the time, then consider the Riva Bella or Monaco ranges below, as these cases come in sections which can be used individually when only a smaller case is needed.

Best Deals for the Riva Beauty Boxes

The Riva Bella range of beauty cases and trolleys has been extremely popular for so long now. In fact we have a page dedicated solely to the Riva Bella cases here. The great thing about them is that the cases are so versatile. They come in sections that can be used as one large beauty case, or as 3 separate smaller cases.

Best deals for Monaco Beauty Boxes:

The Monaco cases are actually referred to as Beauty Trolleys. They are very large indeed, being almost 80cm tall. The dimensions are 41cm wide x 27cm deep and 78cm tall. As you would expect from Beauty Boxes, they have through of everything, and put the Monaco on wheels to make sure it's easy for you to take around with you. Better still, the trolley comes in 2 sections, which can in fact be used separately as smaller individual beauty cases. So versatile! The Monaco is available in pink, rose and black.

About Beauty Boxes vanity and beauty cases

Beauty Boxes make some amazingly stylish boxes, that are solid and tough, yet always practical versatile. There are just so many compartments, sections and drawers for all your beauty products, from make-up to perfume bottles, from hair straighteners to brushes and cotton wool. There's a place for everything! The Beauty Boxes range includes many different models, in various sizes with different functionality to suit all needs and pockets. There are the smaller Valene boxes, all the way up to the massive (and we mean MASSIVE) Monaco range of beauty boxes. Beauty Boxes make some serious vanity cases and are the leading manufacturer of make-up and cosmetic cases in the UK. Many of their boxes and cases are used by professional make-up artists and hairdressers who really appreciate the toughness and versatility of the Beauty Boxes products.

The St Tropez range is ideal for both professionals and individuals because of its medium size (30.5 x 27 x 23 cm). Click to see more of the St Tropez range of vanity cases by Beauty Boxes. The Riva Bella range of vanity cases are also so popular that we have included them in a page all to themselves. See the Riva cases by Beauty Boxes here.

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